Thursday, 16 May 2013

Android Studio Installation Procedure Part1

Required Softwares:

1.JDK 1.6 or Later
2.Android Studio V0.1

you can download above software's from following links:

1.JDK :

2.Android Studio :

Installation Procedure:

Step1 : Install JDK .
Step2: Install Android Studio ,
  •  Procedure: double click on android-studio-bundle-130.677228-windows.exe
  • and follow the Android Studio installation guide means(just press next and next and finally finish) .
After running Android Studio you will see following wizard.

Creating new Android Project:
  • In the above window choose new project option as follows

  • In the next window give your application details.

  • And now click Next and again click Next and finally click finish and finally the Android Studio IDE looks like as follows


  1. Hi ,
    I follow your steps but I have a problem with gradle , it launch a download from maven repository (it take a lot of time ).... have you an idea !


  2. Hi Faycel ...This is just early access preview it is very slow, so you can follow eclipse up to some time