Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Publishing Android Application in Google Play Store

Requirements from application side:
1.Minimum 2 screenshots(Max 8) of Application(Using DDMS Tool and in that use Devices tool).
2.One High Resolution icon(Application logo) with size(512/512).
3.Application apk file(for ex:SampleApplication.apk).

-->Before generating .apk file remove log statements from application.

Generating .apk file from application for Google Play Store:
Open Application AndroidManifest.xml file and select Manifest
-->Use the Export Wizard-->Next-->Select Create new keystore-->select browse and show the location where keystore file is going to generate-->next give password(if you forgot password no forgot password option) and select Next -->In Key Creation window give information for Alias,Password(Same password that has given in previous window),Validity(maximum validity is 25years) and FirstandLastName(Remaining fields are optional) and select Next.-->In next window select browse and choose the location where you want to generate .apk file and hit finish.

-->Get Google Play Store Developer account from (or search in google with "google play developer console" keyword)

-->We need to pay 25 dollars for google play store developer account from any debit or credit card
   and need to provide account information.

-->After getting developer account we can publish apps in google play store to publish Sign in     Google Play Developer website with google account(gmail account)

Upload application information in developer console:
-->Select Add new application.

-->Next give application title and Select Upload apk option.

-->Next Select Upload your first apk for production nex browse application .apk file

-->From left side navigation bar select Store Listing.

-->Next Provide Title, Description,Graphic assests,High-res icon,Application type,category,website,
   Email ,check Privacy Policy and finally select save Button in top the of the console.

-->From left side navigation bar select Pricing & Distribution.

-->Select paid or free and provide required information and select save Button in top the of the    console .

-->Next you we will see Ready to publish drop down box from top right corner of the console form    that select Publish this app.

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